Sunday, June 9, 2019

WDS 2019 Meeting Summary

With the slow warm up and excessive rain this spring, I was a little concerned that there would be a dearth of dragonflies at the 2019 annual meeting.  However, we had quite a few things flying around.  Snaketails were emerging as we were exploring the river banks.  We didn’t find many adults other than Rusty Snaketail, but Dan did manage to find this Pygmy Snaketail emerging.  Jeff’s group also found a teneral St. Croix Snaketail.

There were swarms of baskettails (including Beaverpond and Spiny), Cruisers were on the wing, and several other species of Clubtails made appearances.  We saw Skillet, Cobra, Midland, Rapids, Dusky, and some beautiful Green-faced Clubtails. 

We had several good educational moments.  We discussed bluet identification, how to differentiate Rapids from Green-faced (with both in hand), and discussed Whiteface IDs.  We also received a dragonfly history lesson when we were able to visit the site where the St. Croix Snaketail was first discovered.  As a topper we stopped at a site for the Karner Blue Butterfly…we appreciate all our incredible insects!

I really feel that it went well.  Thanks Jeff, Matt, and Dan for helping scout and lead field trips.  Also thank everyone else who participated!  I had to leave before the cookout, so I am a little sad I missed out on the end of the meeting, but I hope all that attended had a good time.  Jeff was the point person for all the organizing, so when you see him please say thank you.
Pygmy Snaketail

Green-faced Clubtail

Good times!

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