Sunday, May 12, 2019

Haunting the bog...check! What's next?

In my last blog I indicated that the first phase of Odonate hunting for me was boghaunters.  Well I am happy to say that I found my first locally emerged Odonata yesterday at Coon Forks County Park.  I found a couple of Ebony Boghaunters emerging, and collected some exuvia at the marsh.  I also round a pair of Ringed Boghaunters after an exhaustive search of the sporadic sunny patches near the marsh.  It would have been easier if the persistant clouds would have cooperated.  All's well that ends well I guess!

Now that local emergence is underway, get to your favorite habitats for the coming Forktails, Baskettails, and Whitefaces!  Enjoy the rapid expansion of species diversity over the next few weeks.  By the time June rolls in, I will have Gomphid fever.  Maybe we can scratch the itching together at Interstate Park...see you soon!

Ebony Boghaunter emerging

Ringed Boghaunters - male and female...she landed a few feet from the male as I was taking photos
The next generation about to begin?

One more of the male because he is pretty.